Backstage Zone

Fashion For A Cause
produce High End Fashion show to raise funds for different non profit organizations in town. An average of one hundred volunteers are always involved in the production of the shows including fashion designers, models, hair stylists, make up artists and volunteers. The backstage of every show is always the most active area of the whole event.

Many hours before the show, the fashionistas arrive to make the magic happen. For at least 5 hours, artists collaborate between each other to create the look of the show and the dynamicof the backstage is full of adrenaline running and rushing to have everything to look perfect for the public at front. Many pictures are taken by each of this volunteers spreading faster in social media and professional pictures are always taken for the sponsors and for the foundations involved.

The Backstage Zone Sponsorship program is a unique way to promote product and services accomplishing face to face consumer relationships, social media and press advertisign and website traffic.

Contact us and find out about the upcoming projects and possibilities to share the Backstage Zone with Fashion For A Cause.

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